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How you can get involved

What do you want the economy of Lantzville to look like in three, five or ten years? What are your ideas for what we (District, community groups, individuals) can do to get there? What are our unique traits that we should highlight in the Lantzville community brand?

We need to hear your voice on these types of questions. Lantzville’s brand and economic strategy needs to reflect the values and creative ideas of local residents and businesses.

Current and upcoming engagement opportunities

Please stay tuned for upcoming events, or, sign up for email notifications if you would like us to contact you directly!

Online community brainstorming

The ThoughtExchange initiative ended April 1. Results and updates can be found here and will be sent to those signed up for email notifications.

Social media

Share your ideas with the District of Lantzville via Facebook (@District of Lantzville) or Twitter (@DOLantzville).

Direct feedback

Share your ideas directly with the project team at or 604.228.1855 x 6.