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Survey Results: Home-based businesses or working-from-home

About 11% of working people in Lantzville work from home, which is pretty high. Interviews have also indicated that there are many home-based businesses. The project team wanted to understand the challenges and opportunities of working or running a business from home in Lantzville, and ways that Lantzville could support them.

We advertised a short survey in the Lantzville newsletter and online, but only had seven responses. A report of the results is shown below. This is an area that requires more research, and the District will be continuing to reach out to those working or running a business from home in the near future.

Lantzville: It’s time to choose!
Selecting Economic Actions Workshop

Thank you to the 35 residents who came out on May 15th to evaluate and prioritize economic actions for Lantzville.

Read the workshop report here.

Highlights: Workshop participants were asked to evaluate the draft actions in several ways. The highest scoring actions across all forms of analysis are shown below:

Smaller or less complex actions:

  1. Economic incentive programs to support village revitalization
  2. Small scale village beautification projects
  3. Business retention and expansion projects

Larger or more complex actions:

  1. Connect to Nanaimo water
  2. Attract businesses that meet local needs and fit local values (e.g.: coffee shop, grocery store, gift shops, bakery, ice cream, services, co-working space)
  3. Allow diverse housing types and increased density; attract people who want to build them

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Online Community Brainstorming (March – April 2018)

Over 100 people participated in Lantzville’s online community brainstorming session, in which people could share their ideas and ‘vote’ on other people’s ideas.

We asked “What should we do as a community to improve our economy?” and received over 150 ideas and 3500 ‘votes’ (meaning the average person voted on 33 actions!). It was nice to see that there were some common, popular themes – many people wanted a coffee shop, for example.

» Read the top 20 ideas
» Read the full report

Open House at Costin Hall (March 14, 2018)

» Read the report

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Photos from the March 14 kick-off event at Costin Hall