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Unlike most other communities, Lantzville has not taken an active role in economic development. While our economy is healthy in many ways, it is also beginning to show strains.

It’s now time we took our economic destiny into our own hands.

We know from the Official Community Plan process that most Lantzville residents want to see a vibrant Village Core and more local jobs. What else can we do with our local economy to make life in Lantzville even better? What actions should we take to reach these goals?

What’s happening?

The District of Lantzville is launching two exciting projects that will help us take our economic destiny into our own hands.

Project 1) Economic Action Strategy: Shaping our own destiny in a proactive way

The Economic Action Strategy will tap into the values and creative ideas of Lantville residents and business. It will include community-defined goals for the economy, and a set of realistic short, medium and long-term actions to achieve those goals.

Project 2) Place Branding: Helps put our community on the map

Every place has a unique story. It’s time we told ours. A community branding process will help us collectively determine what makes us unique and what story we want to tell the world, so that we can put Lantzville on the map and attract the kinds of people and businesses that will really thrive here.

Both projects will run from early March 2018 to June 2018. Your input into these projects is critical – they need to reflect the values and ideas of Lantzville residents and businesses.

How does this relate to the draft Official Community Plan?

Lantzville’s draft OCP has some high-level actions that will impact our economy, but it’s mainly focused on land use.  In developing the draft OCP, we realized that we need to do more work to understand what type of economic development Lantzville residents want to see, and what concrete steps we can do to make that a reality. That’s why we are starting these two projects now and why we need your input.